Beyond Entertainment

Dear Sunnyview Family,

This month, the Sunnyview Youth will be making the trek to Wisconsin Dells for the Wisconsin Christian Teen Convention. This is a transformational time of worship, challenging messages, group development and fellowship with other Christian teens from around the state. The students always come back with a renewed hunger for Christ and the sustenance that He provides.

When looking at the Wisconsin Christian Teen Convention, and other similar events, it can be difficult to see beyond the “entertainment value” to the potential transformation that can take place. True, they are highly designed productions that include flashy lights, videos, rock-n-roll worship and games. The Wisconsin Christian Teen Convention even includes access to the waterpark for all who attend! But this kind of production is designed specifically for the students with one goal in mind: to challenge the students to walk closer with Christ Jesus.

The use of high quality speakers, music, equipment and facilities says very clearly to any student who attends that we are serious about what you have to say, about the time they will spend with you, and about how they feel and what they enjoy. The first impression is that their time will be well spent. If they know you are serious about their time and their interests, they will trust you with their attention. You will earn the right to be heard.

Then you teach the gospel. The awesome, amazing, incredibly powerful gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel that is challenging, loving, hope filled, and brings salvation and healing. This is what they students crave, what they need, and what they desire.

I am excited to see how the Sunnyview Youth are challenged at the Wisconsin Christian Teen Convention this year!

In Christ,

Jeremy Coggins