The Challenge to Grow

Dear Sunnyview Family,

This month, the youth group will begin to hear an important question: how are you going to contribute to the change that God is trying to do in this world?

Our students come to Sunnyview many times a month for classes, lessons, relationships and fun. They are taught about God, how He intends for us to live in the world He, and what He did for us to be able to do just that. But it can be difficult to translate that information into something that actually means something. And just because the meaning is said doesn’t mean that it has been grasped or made their own. This is a common condition of people in general.

So what is it that gets these lessons to become personal; to be something that is worth being a part of their life? What we teach must line up with or challenge what the students care about and believe in. We can talk about good news and salvation and God’s plan for our lives all we want, but those words don’t matter if they don’t stir up what makes a person passionate; what makes a person come alive.

God is constantly working in this world. He is working in our lives and in the lives of the people around us all the time. And He has called us to be a part of that work. He is calling very personal people to a very personal work. The question that we must ask is this: how are we going to help?

When you take what God is telling us about our lives and what He is showing us about those around us and aim that squarely at our contribution to His work, you get a message that requires action. The purpose of God’s word isn’t merely to change us. It is to inspire us into action.

Our youth are talented and passionate and an integral part of the church today. With inspiration, they will become effective workers in Christ as well!

In Christ,

Jeremy Coggins