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Online Accountability and Monitoring Software

Unlock your potential with the key of accountability. By inviting someone else into your story, you give yourself an incredible motivational tool. With their encouragement, you will be inspired to dig deep and become the person you know you can be.

x3watch was created and run by xxxchurch.com Here is a little about their ministry.


XXXchurch.com realizes that sex addiction and porn addiction are real problems. We use the web, social media, and news media to tell a story often left untold.


We are the largest site online and the most recognized voice on the planet on the issues of porn and sex. We offer many free resources like X3watch to help individuals and families stay clear of pornography.


We are committed to helping men and women regain control of their lives by conquering issues like pornography addiction and sex addiction. We offer multiple resources to help with pornography addiction treatment.