Conversations Can Change Everything

Porn is a powerful opponent, and getting it out of your life isn’t easy. But at Covenant Eyes, we believe change is possible through a simple idea called Internet Accountability.

Internet Accountability is all about transparency. It’s about having conversations with someone you trust about your online choices. It’s about beating porn together, through friendship, openness, and trust.

We’ve seen Internet Accountability transform thousands of lives, and we believe it can change yours too. Because at the end of the day, an app can’t change your life — but accountable relationships can.

Here's how Covenant Eyes Works

You install Covenant Eyes on all your devices and your internet activity is monitored.

A Report of everything you do online is sent to a trusted friend.

Conversations about your Report help you find freedom from porn.

A Clear View of Internet Use.

The websites you visit, the search terms you use, the YouTube videos you watch…all listed in an Internet Accountability Report that is designed to start a conversation.

The Report is fully customizable, so if your Accountability Partner only wants to see the highly mature sites you visited, or wants to see what times of day you were online, they can adjust it to meet those needs.

Age-Based Content Ratings

Every website visited is assigned an age-based rating, like T for Teen or M for Mature. This makes it easy to spot when somebody has visited an inappropriate website.

Unlimited Accountability Partners

Send Accountability Reports to your spouse, brother, friend, and anyone else at no extra cost. Choose the people that will best suit your needs.

Built for the Whole Family.

There’s no need to try to figure out who in your family accessed which website. When each person in your family has a unique Covenant Eyes username, his or her Internet activity will show up on a separate report, as long as they sign in on a computer, smartphone, or tablet with Covenant Eyes installed.

Panic Button

When someone is struggling with temptation online, they can click our Panic Button to temporarily cut off Internet access. To reinstate the connection, call our Customer Support team for free assistance.

Optional Filtering

Want to block the bad stuff? Our Filter, which uses our age-based content ratings, provides an extra level of protection for kids and adults.

One Report. All Your Devices.

Do you go online using more than one device? Don’t worry, we don’t charge you per machine, so install Covenant Eyes on all the devices you use, like your Mac, your iPhone, or your Kindle Fire HD. As long as you’re signed into the Covenant Eyes software, your Internet activity will show up on one single Internet Accountability Report.

Web Browser for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Replace Safari on your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad to keep your web browsing accountable. Filtering is also available for this browser.

Android Web and App Monitoring

Our app for Android phones and tablets monitors and filters a growing number of browsers and apps, and lists what other, unmonitored apps were accessed. It even includes app locking!

Internet Accountability and Filtering: The Total Package

When you use Accountability and Filtering together, sites that have been blocked by the Filter appear on the Accountability Report for easy conversations about inappropriate websites. This is especially good for teenagers who may still need the protection from highly mature sites but would also benefit from conversations about wise choices in general—and the dangers of pornography in particular.