Instantly stream hundreds of hours of Christian shows and movies your kids will love - from anywhere in the world. JellyTelly provides shows where God is real and His Word is true.

Every week, you’ll receive a family devotional PDF and other great resources to help your kids walk with God. JellyTelly is more than on-screen entertainment, but a partner for you as you lead your family in faith.

The team at JellyTelly is passionate about great stories - and we know that the greatest Story ever told is the story of God and his love for us. We know that the world tells a different story - a story where God is a fairytale at best, and doesn’t exist at worst. We want JellyTelly to be a place where God is real and His Word is true - where the shows and movies your kids watch over and over again reflect what you believe about God, and lead your kids into a life of faith where they walk with God every day.

We provide safe Christian entertainment that inspires kids, makes them laugh, and encourages their own creativity. We encourage kids to pursue a life of faith, a relationship with God, and a redemptive mission in the world.