How You Always Meant to Parent

Discover a practical approach to parenting with great insight into overcoming the distractions life throws at every family. Brian Housman gives broad principles that incorporate spiritual truths vital to maintaining spiritual engagement even through the difficult teen years. Readers are encouraged to let go of the mistakes of the past and keep moving forward towards building a lasting relationship and launching your child into adulthood with a love for God Brian Housman reminds parents of the vital role they play in loving and leading children with the ultimate goal of leaving a spiritual legacy. Housman gives hopeful and inspiring advice to parents laced with personal stories that will inspire readers to evaluate what matters most in life. He also provides tools for parents to stay connected to their kids and emphasizes the need for parents to remind kids of their deep love for them. More importantly he reminds parents that no matter where they are in the parenting journey, it is never too late to start being the parents God desires them to be.