Elisabeth Lee is an author and speaker who is focused on helping parents and families "to experience the love of Jesus through scriptures." Her resources, podcast and blog are deep Bible studies.

"I speak and write about the Scriptures. My style is exegetical rather than topical. Exegetical is just a big word for teaching verse by verse.
I incorporate small details from the context of Scriptures to enhance the big picture. I am hard-wired with a sensitive spirit so I love guiding people on an imaginary journey back in time to re-live God’s interaction with people.
I have a Master’s of Divinity Degree which has assisted me at times professionally. Other times, it has hindered me because I approached God through means of intellect. I assumed I knew God because I wrote thirty-page papers regarding three verses. But “knowing” God and “experiencing” God are very different.  Experiencing God and His love is paramount to the message of the gospel. (Ephesians 3:19) This imbalance cost me.
Thus, I value the importance of head (intellect) and heart (experience) in regard to the Scriptures. As I speak or write, I will always funnel it through both."