The Heart of Serving

As school starts, supplies are gathered, and routines are established confusion may accompany this transition season. Until a routine can be negotiated as the norm, a reality of the heart is revealed. We are all in the midst of transition in one form or another if we are living the Christian life. Good times or bad times, when it is easy or difficult, new opportunities or same-old-same-old, one constant remains, the revelation of the heart’s attitude to serve no matter what the situation is.

Larry the Cable Guy made the phrase, “Get-R-Done!” a part of every day life. A result oriented, cause and effect, measure of success that is often heard in the motivation of serving. “Get-R-Done!” service is result oriented and can be void of a heart attitude while serving. Ever heard someone complain while serving? Their heart might be miles away, but they are “Getting-R-Done!”  Another example would be a man surprising a woman with flowers when it is not her birthday or their anniversary… one if not two questions will certainly be asked: “What are these for?” or “What did you do?” the heart attitude is overlooked and the processing stays on a level of cause and effect service. Flowers may be cool, but heart and flowers is way cooler!

To follow Jesus and to serve like Jesus requires an attitude like Jesus, ‘He did not come to be served, but He came to serve others’ (Matthew 20:28) Jesus would demonstrate His heart attitude of love and compassion through His service. ‘Jesus had compassion in His heart and then he demonstrated that compassion with a clear message in serving others’ (9:36, 14:14). ‘Jesus even taught His disciples that from the heart, their mouths speak’ (12:34).

There is something about the presence of God working in the hearts of His people and allows them to serve, they naturally serve out of the overflow of their heart. Heart and service combined is how Jesus conducted His ministry and remains to be the call to those who desire to follow Him. Whatever the circumstances: transitional, chaotic, or even new, they are secondary to the heart that is filled with the life that comes from knowing the cross and resurrection of Jesus, that heart demonstrates an overflowing of life that can be shared through service.  

May the God who deserves all glory, honor, and praise be forever served.